Cantilever Holder Liquid/Air Flat Grooveless 0.6 mm

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Nanosurf System

A cantilever holder for measuring topography, tribology and mechanical properties in liquid, for cantilevers without alignment structures.

Product information
Order number BT05923
Expected to ship within 10 days
Delivery contents Cantilever holder grooveless flat glass (liquid-air), 0.6 mm

Product details

Cantilever holder for FlexAFM and CoreAFM, made of chemically inert materials, required for operation in liquids. The plane glass window is used for deflection detection of the beam deflection and optical view of cantilever and sample. This cantilever holder is adjusted for cantilevers with 0.6 mm thick chip substrates. Focussing on or below the cantilever only in liquid with older models of the FlexAFM camera (contact us for more information).

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