Sample holder 5X

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Nanosurf System
Easyscan 2 AFM , FlexAFM , LensAFM , NaniteAFM

An allround AFM sample holder

Product information
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Expected to ship within 10 days
Delivery contents
  • Sample holder
  • Ground cable

Product details

The sturdy, stainless steel sample holder is for use with AFM sample stages. It can hold up to 4 samples magnetically. Indentations next to the magnets enhance the user friendliness for (un)mounting a sample. In addition to the magnets it has two clamps to hold a sample mechanically.

Its insulated feet and connector to electrically ground it to the scanhead, make the sample holder a straigtforward basis for measuring in electrical modes like C-AFM, EFM, KPFM and PFM.

For small, top-to-bottom conductive samples like HOPG it is sufficient to mount it conductively on a metal substrate that is held by the magnet of the holder. For a sample that is only conductive at the top, the mechanical clamps can be used to create an electrical connection to the conductive surface layer.

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