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TetraX LFMC compact

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  • TetraX – lateral force microscope calibrator
  • USB stick with TetraX Studio Software and further instructions
  • USB cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Certificate of calibration
Product details
Manufacturer:   Tridec Technologies s.c., Poland
Dimensions:   62 mm x 53 mm x 10,4 mm
Weight:   40g
Power consumption:   250 mW
Accuracy of LFCC:   3%
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Product description

TetraX provides a simple and direct method for Lateral Force Calibration Constant (LFCC) determination. With this device no knowledge about the material or geometrical parameters of the investigated cantilever is required. TetraX uses a calibrated microforce sensor (MFS) for direct measurement of the friction force applied by the cantilever’s tip to a flat silicon surface (Fig. 1). This force is directly compared to the lateral deflection of the cantilever in the AFM giving the LFCC to convert the lateral deflection from Volt to Newton.

This procedure is straightforward and precise and eliminates many difficulties and systematic errors in e.g. tip height determination, load deviation, adhesion, and PSD calibration. Thanks to the TetraX LFMC, quantitative lateral force measurement can be performed with a single-step calibration.

Experimental setup and the calibration principle. a) scheme of the calibration procedure; b) a photo of a cantilever over the MFS beam