CoreAFM Standard Conductive AFM Mode option

CoreAFM standard conductive AFM mode option
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Nanosurf System

The basis for electrical measurement modes of the CoreAFM

Product information
Order number BT06351
Expected to ship within 10 days
Delivery contents
  • Cantilever holder liquid/air flat conductive
  • Cantilever ElectriMulti75 (3 pcs)
  • HOPG sample

Product details

The special cantilever holder of the CoreAFM standard conductive AFM mode option has an electrical connection from the scanhead to the cantilever via the clamping spring holding the cantilever. This allows application of bias voltages via software directly to the tip and measurement of the current flowing through the cantilever. This option is prerequisite for all electrical mode options of the CoreAFM (spreading resistance, C-AFM, EFM, KPFM and PFM).

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