EFM Mode Kit

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CoreAFM , Easyscan 2 AFM , FlexAFM , LensAFM , NaioAFM , NaniteAFM

EFM imaging of a aluminum-gold microstructure

Product information
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Delivery contents
  • Microstructure with Al features on gold substrate
  • Cantilever ElectriMulti75 (3 pcs)

Easyscan 2 controller: dynamic module and mode extensions module

NaioAFM: dynamic modes option

Product details

The EFM mode kit provides a regular micrometer-sized test pattern of Aluminum dots on a gold substrate with 4 µm periodicity plus a set of EFM cantilevers. This sample can be used to learn setting up EFM and KPFM measurements.

Topography of aluminum dots (gray) on gold substrate (orange). Scan size is 20 µm structure height of aluminum dots is 93 nm.
EFM data of the same aluminum dot in constant height and contour following mode. Halfway from top to bottom, the tip voltage was changed from +3V to -3V.

* Contour following is an optional feature available for C3000 and CoreAFM systems

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