Static Force Mode Kit

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Nanosurf System
CoreAFM , Easyscan 2 AFM , FlexAFM , LensAFM , NaioAFM , NaniteAFM

Static mode imaging of a regular microstructure

Product information
Order number BT06346
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Delivery contents
  • Cantilever Stat0.2LAuD (3 pcs)
  • Microstructure

Product details

The static imaging mode kit provides a regular micrometer-sized test pattern with 10 µm periodicity and a set of static mode cantilevers. This sample can be used to understand the effects of the imaging setpoint and the imaging gains. In addition, the grid can be used to verify the XY system calibration.

Topography image (scan size is 50 µm; height range is 125 nm, with blue down and red up)

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