C3000/C3000i Advanced Modes Option

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Enables advanced signal processing options in the C3000/C3000i controller

IMPORTANT: When ordering products including software, it is required that you mention the serial number of your controller in the "Notes & special requests" field on the cart page before finalizing your order.

Product information
Order number BT06138
Expected to ship within 2 days
Delivery contents Software activation key
Device compatibility Only for systems with C3000/C3000i Controller

Product details

The advanced modes option for the C3000 enables an additional digital 2-channel lock-in amplifier, allowing measurement of amplitude and phase of an additional signal from multiple inputs. The option provides the core functionality for additional operating mode options (e.g. KPFM or PFM): the second lock-in amplifier can process internal input signals (e.g normal deflection, lateral friction) or user input signals (requires signal I/O option). The obtained phase and amplitude signals of the second lock-in can be recorded during imaging and spectroscopy in combination with all standard modes.

The separately available advanced imaging option can further enhance your system, providing contour following. Please contact us or our local respresentative for further technical information.

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