C3000/C3000i Advanced Spectroscopy Package

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Nanosurf System

Advanced spectroscopy option for C3000/C3000i

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Product information
Order number BT06164
Expected to ship within 5 days
Delivery contents
  • Document with license activation key

Product details

Activates on C3000/C3000i controllers:

  • 5 phase spectroscopy
  • Individual forward, backward spectroscopy parameters
  • Additional pause with data measurement and feedback control
  • Stop-By-Value forward spectroscopy allows distance spectroscopy of defined length until a input value has been reached (e.g. Force Set Point)
  • Spectroscopy map size only limited by amount of RAM in the control PC and by user time (a 512x512x512 point map requires up to 3 GB of free memory)

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