C3000 Advanced Spectroscopy Package

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Advanced spectroscopy option for C3000

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Product information
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Delivery contents
  • Software activation key
  • SPIP software dongle

Product details

This options adds the functionality for more advanced spectroscopy, e.g. to analyze mechanical properties of a sample or adhesion forces.

Compared to standard spectroscopy it allows individual configurations of the distinct phases of spectroscopy (like movement to and from the sample and pauses). A wizard is available for setting up the spectroscopy measurements in a few steps, whereafter advanced users can further fine-tune the options. In addition it adds “stop by value” triggering with automatic cantilever drift compensation to have a well-defined tip-sample interaction. The number of spectroscopy data positions is not limited by the software. Force maps with the option to display slope, snap-in or maximum adhesion are available online, and for offline analysis an SPIP license is included.

For quantitative measurements the cantilever calibration option is needed. This option calibrates the deflection sensitivity and spring constant of the cantilever.

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