C3000/C3000i Signal I/O Option

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Product information
Order number BT06136
Expected to ship within 2 days
Delivery contents
  • Software activation key
  • Differential signal cable
Device compatibility Only for systems with C3000/C3000i Controller

Product details

This option activates 3 analog user inputs (2x ±1 V and 1x ±10 V), 2 analog user outputs (1x ±1 V and 1x ±10 V), a clock synchronization input, and 2 digital I/O ports for sync signals. The inputs can be used to measure additional signals during imaging or spectroscopy. You can use the ±10 V user output as advanced Z-feedback output to control external z-axis (e.g. 100 μm Z-Axis Module of the inverted microscopy stage or ATS 204).

In combination with the advanced modes option, inputs can be analyzed with the secondary lock-in amplifier, and outputs can be used to create a reference signal to measure AC-signals. You can purchase additional user input cables here.

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