Easyscan 2 Advanced Spectroscopy Option

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Nanosurf System
Easyscan 2 AFM , Easyscan 2 STM

Do more advanced spectroscopy with your Easyscan 2 system

IMPORTANT: When ordering products including software, it is required that you mention the serial number of your controller in the "Notes & special requests" field on the cart page before finalizing your order.

Product information
Order number BT05161
Expected to ship within 2 days
Delivery contents Software keys to activate advanced spectroscopy functionality
Device compatibility Only for systems with Easyscan2 controller

Product details

This options adds functionality to do more advanced spectroscopy, for example to analyze mechanical properties of a sample or adhesion forces.

Compared to standard spectroscopy it allows cantilever calibration and individual configurations of the distinct phases of spectroscopy (like movement to and from the sample and pauses). In addition it adds “stop by value” triggering with automatic cantilever drift compensation to have a well-defined tip-sample interaction.

The cantilever spring constant calibration is based on a frequency sweep.

Wizards are available for setting up the spectroscopy measurements and the deflection sensitivity calibration.

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