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Enable SPM beyond topography measuring

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This option enables some advanced options for your NaioAFM or NaioSTM that can be useful for both research and education. For the NaioAFM conductive AFM (or spreading resistance) and force modulation measurements are enabled to get additional sample information on electrical conductivity or mechanical properties.

Beyond imaging, the NaioAFM and NaioSTM functionality for nanomanipulation are enhanced with the advanced nanolithography functionality. Besides free vector objects drawing or real time drawing by mouse on a previously recorded AFM image, it enables management and import of vector- and bitmap-based lithography objects on multiple layers with different lithography parameters.

Finally the scripting gives access to remote control and measurment automation, using the Windows-COM scripting interface that is compatible with e.g. LabView, C#, Visual Basic, and MatLab.

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